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To be a strong and world-acclaimed Islamic organization revolutionizing the education and social well-being of Nigerian Muslim and a role model to other Muslim organizations in Nigeria and the world at large.



To enrich our knowledge of Islam and contribute our modest quota to the development of education and welfare of the Muslim Ummah in order to earn the favours of Almighty Allah.

Qur'anic quotation of the week

In the Name of Allah the, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Verily, Allah enjoins justice, righteousness, and giving to kith and kin and He forbids evil deeds, prohibited things and oppression. He admonishes you, that you may take heed.

Qur'an 16: 90



Welcome to Forum For Islamic Education & Welfare

News Flash The Islamic Forum hereby invites you to the May 2009 edition of its monthly lecture titled: 'The Criminal Justice in Shariah' to be delievered by Barr. Abdullahi Adam El-Ilory. Date: Thur. 28th May 2009. Venue: The Syrian Club, Beside Syrian Mosque, Ikoyi, Lagos. Time: 5.00pm - 8.30pm. Please be punctual. Thank you.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم: قل هل يستوى الذين يعلمون والذين لا يعلمون إنما يتذكر أولوا الألباب. الزمر آية 


Allah (Subuhanahu wata'ala says: "Say (O Muhammad SAW) Are those who know equal to those who know not? It is only men of understanding who will remember. Q39: 9. The Noble Prophet (Peace be on him) said: Seeking Knowledge is compulsory on every male and female Muslim. Seek knowledge even if the journey will take you to (far away) China.


ISLAMIC FORUM | Lectures & Articles

1. Sufism: What is it all about? by Tijani Adekilekun

2. The Qur’an, The Revelation and the Message by M. O. Junaid

3. Accountability to Allah by D.O.S. Noibi

4. The Female Muslim from Childhood to widowhood by Hamid Sanni

5. A Befitting burial: What does it connotes in Islam by Abdus-Salam Abdur-Raheem

6. Role of Shariah in the life of Muslims by S.H.A Malik

7. Mirath – Law of Succession and Inheritance by Abdur-Rahman Ahmad

8. Influence of Western Values & Ideas on the Practice of Islam by Taofeeq Abdul Azeez

9. Al-Qadar (Predestination) Islamic View Point by Abdul Wasih Gabadeen

10. Ideals & Realities Of Polygamy Among Nigerian Muslims by Abdus Salam Abdur Raheem

11. Education of the Muslim Child: Challenges in the Contemporary Nigeria by Tawakalitu Yusuf Adigun

12. Philanthropy: The Challenges of the Muslim Ummah by Hassan I. Tahir

13. Ikhlas : Sincerity by Sulaiman Fulani

14. A Critical look at Hadith: the Second Source of Islamic Shariah by Saheed Timehin

15. The Role of Islamic Banking in Economic Development in Emerging Markets by Hajara Adeola

16. World of Jinn by Abdur Rahman Sulaiman Adangba

17. Life of the Sahabah by Murtada Buseiri

18. Islamic Viewpoint on Youth Empowerment in a depressed economy by M.F. Lawal

19. Muslim Children's education beyond seminars & workshops by M.F. Lawal

20. Ilmu-l- Faraidh (Knowledge of Inheritance) Forum Secretariat

21. Blood Sacrifice: Islamic Perspectives by M.A. Bidmos

22. The Middle East Crises (2):  Implications On The Muslim World by Femi Abbas

23. Islamization of the Curriculum: An Agenda for Model Islamic Nursery Schools in Nigeria by Dr. Rafiu Ibrahim Adebayo

24. The Collapse of the evolution theory by Dr. (Mrs.) S. O. Elias

25. Future of Muslim Youth Organizations in S/Western Nigeria by Dr. Ayinde Afis Oladosu

26. Modern Family planning methods: Islamic views by Dr. Sa'eed Ahmad

27. CANCERS: Why the upsurge in modern time by Dr. Saeed Ahmad

28. Challenges and management of adolescence Medical perspectives-Dr Saeed Ahmad

29. Dealing With Infectious Diseases by Dr. Saeed Ahmad

30. Fundamentals  of marriage in Islam-Dr. Tajudeen Adebayo

31. Integrating NGO appraoch in Dawah-Ustaz Nasrudeen Bello

32. Islamic banking, a challenge to Nigerian Muslim-Taofiq Agbaje

33. Islamic law of inheritance-challenges and guidelines for full implementation-by Imam Ridwan Jamiu LEMU

34. Islamic panacea to infertility-Dr Saeed Ahmad-Feb 2015

35. Promoting economic intiatives among Muslims-Dr Jubril Salahudeen

36. Rights of women in Islam- Dr Tajudeen Adebayo.ppt

37. Whistle blowing and financial rewards, any legitimacy- Imam Ridwan Jamiu-Feb 2017

38. Zakat As A Potent Tool For Economic Emancipation-Imam Abdullah Shuaib





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Islamic Forum holds its monthly lecture  programmes every last Thursday of the month.



Syrian Club, Ribadu road, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.



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Hadith of the week

Abu Musa Ash'ari relates that the Noble Prophet said: Allah grants respite to a wrongdoer but when He seizes him, He does not let go.Then He recites: Such is the chastisement of the Lord which He inflicts upon corrupt cities, surely, His chastisement is grieviously painful (Q11:103) Bukhari and Muslim.