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To be a strong and world-acclaimed Islamic organization revolutionizing the education and social well-being of Nigerian Muslim and a role model to other Muslim organizations in Nigeria and the world at large.



To enrich our knowledge of Islam and contribute our modest quota to the development of education and welfare of the Muslim Ummah in order to earn the favours of Almighty Allah.

Qur'anic quotation of the week

In the Name of Allah the, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Whether you keep hidden that which is in your minds, or disclose it, Allah knows it well.

Q. 3: 30



Membership to Islamic Forum is open to all male Muslim professionals all over the world.


No person shall be regarded as a member of the Forum unless he has duly completed and signed the membership form of the Forum as prepared by the Executive Council. Invited Muslim Professional is to complete this form, which could be downloaded on this site. Such completed forms should be forwarded to the Secretariat for processing.

For Cohesion, smooth interaction and mutual understanding, membership is drawn from among distinguished Muslim Professionals in various fields of endeavour. A member should be a male Muslim and enrolment is by invitation and consensus of existing members.


Annual Subscription

Membership shall be committed to the payment of Annual subscription and other levies and/or donations that may be prescribed by the Executive Committee of the Forum.


The annual subscription is payable at the beginning of every Hijrah year and is subject to review as deemed fit by members.

Other Financial commitments
Members are expected to sponsor our monthly lectures on rotational basis.

Members are also expected to pay their Zakat into the Forum Zakat Fund.

If you have made up your mind to join the Forum, Download membership form. Return the filled form to our contact address.

Click here to download Membership Form or Apply Online



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Islamic Forum holds its monthly lecture  programmes every last Thursday of the month.



Syrian Club, Ribadu road, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.



5.00pm - 8.30pm.


Programmes Outlook

Monthly Lectures

Ramadan Tafseer

Zakat Administration

Business Luncheon

Family Usrah & Prayer session

Sponsorship of Islamic enlightenment programmes on radio & T. V.

Financial & technical support to other Muslim Organizations


Hijrah Calendar


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